Community - Place One, Two, Three

who am i now Oct 22, 2015

I sat beside a gentleman on a flight recently who was on his way to speak at an international conference. Considered an expert on the topic of “community”, he shared his theory that as humans; we flourish and benefit from having three “places of community” throughout our lives. For most of us, our home and family is usually ‘Place One’, and depending on your age; school or work is usually ‘Place Two’.

‘Place Three’ in today’s accelerated, mobile oriented and often time’s isolated life styles can be more elusive. In simpler days, when families were typically large and extended, many were born and spent most or all of their lives within a small radius. The ‘Place Three’ community was rooted in church, ethnic or common interest groups or extended family and neighborhood gatherings.

I was raised in a rural area and I immediately understood this man’s concept of...

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Standing Ovations

When did you receive your last standing ovation?

Can you recall how great it felt to be recognized for something well done? Can you feel the glow spread over you, the flush of warmth from toe to head, the butterflies forming in your belly and fluttering up to burst out on your face as a big smile? Do you recall if the twinkle in your eyes came from tears of pride, joy or surprise? Can you reimagine the vibration of applause that made your heart beat a little faster?

Is it easy for you to recreate the joyful feeling of recognizing that you are truly deserving of the attention and appreciation?

The physical and emotional reactions to praise, thunderous applause, a hearty pat on the back, even a sincere “At-a-Girl!” have positive and enduring effects on our physical and mental well-being.

I don’t think we give ourselves credit often enough. We just keep doing, working, caring for, delivering, getting it done,...

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Getting Lost, a journey of self-dicsovery

I went for a drive in the country this morning. I got lost, purposely lost.

I’m staying with friends in Canada that live in a beautiful rural area away from Toronto. I’ve come here to spend time with people that I love and miss and to begin writing for my new project, The Encore Catalyst. After the family left for their work day, I got in my car and decided to explore the area and find a good old fashioned country breakfast.

The trees and fields are incredibly lush and green after the generous rains of spring and early summer. The roads are narrow and quiet and in many spots branches overhung the roadway like arms ready to embrace. Sometimes, I could not see what was around the next corner.

I kept the radio off and was smugly happy that my mobile network coverage was spotty to none. I wanted to disengage from the busy me, to quiet my brain and just drink in the beauty and abundance around me. No music, no news, no chatter, just the soothing...

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