Who Am I Now That I Am An Author?

author Jul 07, 2020

Who am I now that I am an author?

 When I made the commitment last year to write a book and to expose my personal life journey to the world, it was an exhilarating and terrifying decision.

I felt like I’d strapped myself a the first-row seat on a death-defying roller-coaster. Once the ride started, I could not stop it. I felt sick to my stomach when I realized how fast the days would race with the deadline only months away. I wanted to squeeze my eyes tightly shut and not see myself careening around corners, heart in throat, as I white knuckled through creating an outline and flow, writing, writers block, writing some more and editing, fretting over edits, editing some more, et al.

My emotions revved, plummeted, and lurched forward as I struggled to feel wise, witty, creative, and stay disciplined enough to complete this magical mystery tour with a manuscript worthy of the investment and the promise I made to myself to create value, entertain and inspire.

I bought my...

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Do you need a machete to be a trailblazer?

Do you need a machete to be a trailblazer?

a person who blazes a trail for others to follow through an unsettled country or wilderness; pathfinder.
Can you visualize a trailblazer hacking their way through thick vines and dense undergrowth, seeking a way out of a confusing and often frightening place?
Navigating my way through Womanhood Wonderland these last two decades has many parallels with jungle expeditions. I’ve often felt like that adventurer trying to hack a path to a clearing where I could stop and look around and really know where I am and who I am at the present age and stage of my life.
Unlike Jane in the Tarzan movies, I don’t have a figure-hugging leopard skin wardrobe to wear as I trapeze through life, but many times, I felt like I was barely holding on as I pendulumed between stages of my Baby Boomerness, career, relationships, hormonal, health and physical changes.
As women today, we face so many...

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Encore Career

What is an Encore Career?
The term is credited to Marc Freedman, founder of Encore.org and explains
the idea of a second career, one that starts later in life and often has
a more personally fulfilling mission and is typically financially motivated.

When you reach the end of a script that has been handed to you, can you leverage decades of life experience into a signature encore performance? Whether that encore role is a new business, a new career, a new cause or the passion that you’ve kept on a shelf, YOU have the opportunity to write a different script that is uniquely yours.
Have you sometimes felt like an imposter in your life or that you were performing a part that someone else cast you in? This is the time for change!
Are you tired of rehearsing living and auditioning happiness? You are now ready and perfect for your fulfilling & rewarding ‘best life’ yet!
Do you wonder how to take control of your life instead of being...

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Crisis in the Fog

I woke from a frightening dream about being marooned in deep fog.

 The sensations of deprivation, loneliness, and disorientation were disconcertingly familiar and more nightmarish than dream-like.


This night terror rekindled memories of difficult periods of my identity crisis, and the struggle to answer; ‘Who Am I Now?’

 Fatigued from chasing the elusive “Next Me”, while much in my life was changing, the challenge of reinventing again made me want to pull the covers over my head.

Sadly, I sensed no one else could see me while I was in this fog or aware of my struggle to escape it. I felt invisible and isolated.

To the world outside of my gloom, it appeared that everything in my life was easy-breezy, bright and sunny. I pretended I had it all under control. Most of the time my family and friends were fooled. Sometimes, I fooled myself for a while.

Behind the veil, everything was grey and...

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Man I Feel Like a Woman!

Sunday, March 8th is International Women’s Day 2020, a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

 We should celebrate women every day but I’m glad that the spotlight is on women and their impact on this day every year!

I’m thankful for the reminder to stop and reflect on the contributions and leadership of women throughout history and around the world. If not for the resilience of women and our drive to keep going through adversity, the human race would have less and be less.

Recently I read an article about cultural icon, Shania Twain and her return to the spotlight after overcoming major difficulties. Ms. Twain was a major influence on women of my generation. She had us on our feet, dancing with girlfriends and singing at top volume. Shania was a catalyst for joyful and fierce femininity!

Like Shania Twain and so many other women, I've had comebacks after major...

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Evolutionary Woman

I've been called the Mistress of Transformation & Reinvention. I embrace that title as empowering but also a responsibility.


A woman’s life is fertile with opportunities to change, grow and reinvent!


My own journey has been filled with many tours, detours and ‘Oh My Goddess! I did not see THAT coming!’ experiences.


Full disclosure: Not all my life’s adventures and opportunities started as my idea. In fact, some of my roles happened to me or were forced upon me, and sometimes, I resisted and struggled with the change.


You might think that my story has almost come to an end at age 65, traditionally the age that our generation was expected to retire or begin our descent into obsolescence . . . Vroom Vroom!


Rather than winding down, my story is picking up speed!


I celebrated my ‘un-retirement’ by publishing a book...

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What is an ENCORE?

For most, or all of your life, you’ve been cast in roles by others and played parts based on timing, obligation and necessity.

You have been someone’s child, a student, a team member, a branch on a family tree. You were instructed, you were modeled, you conformed.

You have been an employee and or a boss, a member of communities, a volunteer, a leader, a citizen. You contributed, you adapted, you compromised.

You have been a parent, a caregiver to family members and others, a port in the storm. You balanced, you juggled, you sacrificed.

You studied, achieved, failed and tried again.

You have been a consumer, a spender, a saver, an investor.

Life and influencers thrust these roles upon you. Conscious choice was much rarer than imposed decision or circumstantial opportunity. It was expected; get an education, get a job, start a family, follow the rules.

You’ve fulfilled the roles, played the parts as directed by society and...

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Lift As You Climb

‘Lift as You Climb’ is my personal mantra. It is a guiding principle in my life, woven into the fabric of my character by personal experience. Rather than compete, I believe we all achieve much more when we collaborate, share resources, and support others to be the best they can be.

I grew up in a farming community and witnessed neighbors coming together often to help each other bring in crops, raise a new barn, put out fires and share with others in need.

So, I suppose it was this organic education that led me to understand that opportunities to help others is not like pie. There are not a limited number of slices and then you run out. Opportunities to help others are infinite and the rewards are exponential.
If you read my book “Who Am I Now? – Feminine Wisdom Unmasked Uncensored”, you will know I had a challenging start in life. I achieved great success and abundance because so many others were willing to help me,...

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My Birthday Gift to You

I am feeling so joyous and abundant about this birthday and to celebrate, I want to give you a gift from me!


I am the one turning 65 years young and I should be the one ripping up paper and ribbons, but this is one of my most treasured rewards and I’d like to spread the love.


If you know a little about my life’s journey, I have reinvented, transformed and squeezed into new identities and roles – many, many times already.

And I’m not done yet!

Each and every time, I was in the process of discovery and transition to the next me, I experienced periods of doubt, fear, panic, lack of confidence and extreme cold feet.

I’ve tried a ton of tools and techniques to help me make the leap from one trapeze bar to the next in my life with the least pain and anguish.


And not fall flat on my face!

I’ve meditated, medicated (mostly wine), journaled, read, doodled and visioned. I...

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Leonardo DiCaprio and Me

Leonardo DiCaprio and I have a lot in common

The 2002 movie, “Catch Me If You Can”, starred a young Leonardo DiCaprio, playing the part of Frank Abagnale Jr.

This award-winning film directed by Steven Spielberg, was inspired by the true story of a young man who successfully posed as a teacher, a doctor, an airline pilot and a lawyer. He so convincingly assumed each role that few questioned his authority to hold these positions.


In each identity, he leveraged his love of learning, powers of observation and personal confidence to adapt and function as different people.

My interpretation of the story is that Leonardo, aka Frank, succeeds in each impersonation because he immersed fully into each persona, believing he was that identity and didn’t need to act. He became that individual and stayed in character until there was a reason to transform.

This is why I think Leonardo, or at least his...

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